ITGA relies on the leadership and insights of volunteers to ensure that engagement efforts are aligned with the current and emerging needs of members. The work coordinated by the committees offers multiple opportunities for members to engage with ITGA and enhance their knowledge and expertise within the profession. Members are encouraged to consider joining a committee that aligns with their professional skills and background. The committee charges are below:  

The Recruitment and Retention Committee's mission is to grow and strengthen the organization by engaging governments, higher education, non-profits, the business community and other stakeholders in the organization. The committee will maintain and enhance relationships with current ITGA members, and lead efforts around recruitment, retention and engagement of new members. ITGA members will be asked to use their campus and community connections to share the powerful ITGA story to help grow the association.  

The Professional Development Committee is the umbrella for professional development opportunities for ITGA members. It includes workshops, webinars, networking opportunities,  content development on subject matter that furthers the collective learning of members on town-gown issues, such as the Certificate in Town-Gown Relations programs I and II, the ITGA annual conference and core competencies. 

The Marketing and Communication Committee's mission is to raise the profile and visibility of the organization. The committee will accomplish this by using timely messaging, membership engagement, and contributions to regular member communications. In addition, the committee will advise on media requests, promote ITGA on diversified media platforms, and regularly update and market information about ITGA activities and programs.

The International Committee puts the I in ITGA, working to increase membership outside the United States and provide new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities faced by those communities. In addition to strengthening existing partnerships in the United Kingdom and Canada, it explores and acts upon ways to expand in Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond.

The Racial Justice and Equity Committee serves as a central hub of conversation, content and policy development for members who envision an equitable and just world. Through an intersectional lens, we will discuss and engage new and innovative ways for members to facilitate healing and liberation for historically marginalized people. In addition, the committee will support long-term systemic change by sharing its learnings in-person, and virtually, across the nation and globally.  

The Student Engagement Committee lends the student and young leader voice to town/gown opportunities and challenges. Committee members will engage in various town/gown activities to ensure the unique student perspective is shared. Committee members will build upon their personal leadership experiences through their exploration and maturation with town and gown issues.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these committees, please fill out the form below and someone from ITGA will follow-up with you.